Each day, over 40 people dedicate their experience to the design, construction and testing of the moulds, with each of these activities having its own state-of-the-art department with the most avant-garde technologies

Design and Development

The Technical Office utilises the most advanced design programmes that guarantee high-quality service, from cost estimates to executive drawings, always being mindful of the needs of the client.

Creation (and mould construction)

We do not limit ourselves just to the project, but also transform and take advantage of the results of our research to create new products and to promote them on the market. This process allows us to grow and develop new technological innovations.


Every mould is subjected to rigorous testing to trial the response of the product In terms of the functional and performance requirements requested by the customer.

Plant Startup

Tecnowerk provides its designing and constructive skills to offer turnkey systems, studying the best conditions both in terms of costs and space.


Thanks to our proven experience in the field of design and production of plastic moulds, we have developed a production department that is technologically advanced and BRC and ISO 9001 certified.