Quality materials and high performances mold for new packaging.



Only high-performance materials


Minimum thicknesses

High performance

Fast cycles

Low maintenance

For over 35 years, we have been working in multiple business sectors from food & beverage to PET Preforms. Tecnowerk manufactures injection moulds for fast production with minimum thicknesses.
This technology is especially applicable in the food container, disposable cutlery, medical equipment, preform and blow mould sectors.
The moulds for container can also be completed with “In Mould Labelling” technology, also known as IML, and with automatic stacking technology, always of Tecnowerk design.


We produce moulds for disposable containers, designed for retail marketing needs, displays on the benches of large distributors and product visibility.


Moulds for disposable cutlery with stack-mould applications for up to 96 recesses. Production costs are reduced thanks to applications that guarantee a high number of products in the shortest possible time.


In our designing and construction of plastic moulds, we offer innovative solutions so that your product can meet the new demands of the pharmaceutical sector, both in the fields of research and in retail. We support companies operating in the medical and biomedical fields, studying and manufacturing high-technology moulds that give the product an elevated level of quality and efficiency, thus increasing the Company’s competitiveness in the market.


Veterans with extensive expertise in designing moulds for PP pots for horticulture, we offer the best solutions for a highly efficient production that results in a functional, practical and aesthetically-pleasing product.


We produce moulds with many features able to satisfy needs for colour and paint industries, and of industries that operate in the hobby sector in general, always guaranteeing a high productive yield over time.


Our proven experience in the PET field allows us to design the best technologies for a greater output in your production. In observing the current market demands, we try to predict future trends and offer our clients highly-technological solutions such as: minimised thicknesses for a reduced use of raw materials, new and ever innovative materials and forms.


There are many other sectors in which we have worked in the design and production of moulds, always receiving excellent feedback from our clients, for example for the production yield and low maintenance required. We are still open to new market sectors, which can stimulate us to invent new technologies at the service of our clients, consistently with the aim of manufacturing a high-quality product that can maintain its features and high level of performance over time.

We care for every detail, from the development phase of the idea to the mold shipment. All mold components are manufactured with high strength stainless steel, handled in the smallest detail by highly specialized people. Tecnowerk moulds are reliable over time and have excellent wear resistance.