Development of new product systems and automation

The needs of the client are at the top of our priorities list: from the initial consultation in the design phase through to the maintenance, we attribute great importance to individual solutions. We offer an all-round service based on the design, development, realisation and on-site installation of turnkey plants, including the study of the layout of the production site, thus guaranteeing an immediate start-up of production for the Client. Tecnowerk offers highly-specialised personnel, a modern technical design office, solid modelling and CNC programming, machinery and a state-of-the-art laboratory that can perform all operations internally, including 3D checking. All this allows the company to express itself at the highest levels.

After-sales Support

Being constantly in direct contact with the client ensures that the entire assistance process has a personal touch, whilst our specialised technicians have always been the guarantee for quality operations. We provide a tailor-made service adapted to the needs of our clients, through preventive and scheduled maintenance to ensure the maximum performance of our moulds, with the result of an efficient and timely service.


The satisfaction of Tecnowerk’s clients is not only guaranteed by the high quality of moulds, but also due to the after sales service dedicated to maintenance. Each mould is checked throughout its long lifecycle, ensuring optimum performance over time.

Spare Parts

Optimum performance is achieved only with components that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of each individual mould. Only in this way the highest quality can be achieved. We always guarantee the availability of spare parts and of a dedicated team that will handle all the technical aspects and more, keeping in close contact with the client.


All moulds are meticulously verified and calibrated during the designing, manufacturing and assembling phases. Nonetheless, after years of use, you may notice certain changes in calibration or wear. That is why we render the retrofitting service available to our clients. Our technicians will be able to restore and assure the quality and precision of our moulds, giving you the confidence to maintain all features unaltered over time.


A thorough knowledge of the raw materials is important in order to address the production needs of a company. That is why we offer our clients and others a consulting service, so as to find the best solution for your specific needs. Our consulting team is always ready to give you a hand.